Your host Virgil Brewster

Virgil is a serial entrepreneur who lives a flip flop lifestyle in Ibiza. Together with his business partner Marisa he runs  a Personal Training Company The Workout Club Ibiza and business coaching company called The Ibiza Way.

How do you improve your business? How do you overcome doubt and fear and not get stuck? How do you get clients? Are these questions keeping you awake at night? Then the Next Level Boss podcast is for you.

Virgil Brewster dives deep into the topics with top notch experts in the field of marketing, sales, mindset and performance.  

Each episode is not only theory.  We would like you to take immediate action after you are done listening we invite you to get the downloadable pdf with all the action steps mentioned by our guests in the show.

Virgil´s speciality is to motivate and empower entrepreneurs to take action, simplify and build strong relationships that will turn up raving clients.

Now it´s your turn to improve your business and become a Next Level Boss!

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